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Child parenting should be simple since we have all been children ourselves and have experienced the parenting styles of our own parents and those of other family members and friends with kids while growing up. But, when faced with the problems of parenting teenagers (and especially such areas as teen discipline and teen sex advice), divorced parenting, step parenting or home schooling, life is not quite so easy.

Pregnancy brings with it that realization that you are about to be a parent and, before you have had time to get used to the idea of being a mom or dad, your newborn baby arrives. It is at that point that you discover that you are not perhaps as prepared as you thought for the rigors of being a mother or father and that you need to search for some parenting advice.

The joy of your first baby does a great deal to compensate for your feelings of inadequacy in the child parenting department and the fact that you have no choice but to get on and care for your newborn baby quickly galvanizes you into action to accept your parental responsibilities. We all start out feeling like dummies and it is simply a case of needing a lot of advice and more than a few parenting tips.

Fortunately you are rarely alone and there are always people all around who have been through the same experience and who are willing to help. Your own parents and you new baby's grandparents are the obvious first port of call, but other family members and friends with children will also often be happy to lend a hand. Most important of all - do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

Child Parenting - Is It A Science?

Many people believe that there is a science to parenting and that child rearing means getting hold of a guide and following it through step-by-step with sections on baby parenting, only child parenting, parenting teenagers and so on. If this were true then life would be a lot less fun and we would be a lot poorer for it.

The truth is that, while you can find a great deal of information about parenting we are all quite different people and need to develop our own child parenting styles based upon our own life experience, relationships and skills.

There are of course some common goals and most parents would share the view that issues such as a child's safety and health should be put firmly at the top of our list. It is also generally agreed that our children need to be given the best foundation in life and that their future development will be very much dependent upon choosing the right school for them and providing them with the best possible education.

Child parenting is an adventure that we embark upon afresh with each of our children and is a hugely enriching process in which both parents and children learn together as they go along.

Whether it is choosing a name for the new family pet, selecting games and activities for a birthday party, keeping up with the latest fashion and styles for your teens or matching nutrition and healthy food choices to the family finances, both parents and children will need to learn from each other as you both travel through the ups and downs of the years leading your kids to their own adult life to become parents themselves.

So, as we look at many different aspects of parenting in the pages of this website and provide you with our best advice and parenting tips, remember that there really is no right or wrong answer to child parenting.

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